Securing the Chain: Adavanced Third-Party Risk Strategies

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In an era where the UK manufacturing sector is rapidly transforming through digital innovation, the urgency for advanced cybersecurity measures has never been greater. As WALLIX integrates state-of-the-art technologies to streamline operations, they simultaneously navigate an increasingly complex cyber threat landscape, particularly from third-party remote accesses.

Join WALLIX for an essential webinar: Securing the Chain: Advanced Third-Party Risk Strategies, tailored specifically for manufacturers like you, who are at the forefront of this digital revolution.

🕚 11 AM - 12 PM GMT

What You’ll Gain:

  • Comprehensive Insights: Delve into the unique cyber threats facing UK manufacturing and learn how to bolster your defenses.
  • Expert Strategies: Gain invaluable knowledge on secure identity and access management for Operational Technology (OT) and how to stay ahead in the regulatory environment.
  • Live Demonstration: Witness firsthand the power of cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions through a live demo, illustrating practical implementation steps.

This is more than just a webinar; it’s an opportunity to safeguard your operations, protect your intellectual assets, and ensure the continuity of your business in the face of escalating cyber risks.

Reserve Your Spot Now! Embrace the chance to interact live and pose your questions to our cybersecurity experts. Take the proactive step today to fortify your defenses for tomorrow.

Let's navigate the complexities of the digital landscape together, ensuring a secure, resilient, and thriving future for your manufacturing operations.

You can't make it to the WEBINAR? Don't worry, after the session you will have access to an exclusive RECORDING of the webinar, just register!

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