GitHub Discussions exits beta to help boost developer communities

GitHub’s collaboration-driving feature Discussions is exiting beta to help developer communities thrive.

Discussions enable developers to make repos fun, collaborative, and engaging spaces with features like the ability to pin big announcements, label discussions, mark the most helpful answers, personalise categories, and respond on-the-go via mobile.

Later this year, GitHub will be adding two more features:

  • Ask your community with polls. With the new Polls category, maintainers will be able to gauge interest in a feature, vote on a meetup time, or learn more about their communities.
  • Monitor community insights. Soon you’ll be able to track the health and growth of your community with a dashboard full of actionable data.

GitHub says thousands of communities have been using Discussions during its beta period over the past year.

“Discussions have enabled the communities I work with to engage in a space dedicated to them that’s accessible, removing the necessity to set up bespoke solutions or to take on the burden of maintaining additional external services.” – @bnb, maintainer of Node

“GitHub Discussions has allowed us to grow the Next.js community in the same tool that we use to collaborate. This has allowed us to collaborate and interact with our community that has grown by 900% since moving to GitHub Discussions.” – @timneutkens, maintainer of Next.js

Admins or maintainers of repositories can enable Discussions under “Features” in your repo’s settings.

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