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How to transfer data to the cloud securely

Wednesday, April 24

16:00 hs | España
11:00 hs | Argentina, Uruguay, Chile
10:00 hs | Paraguay, Bolivia
09:00 hs | Perú, Ecuador, Colombia, Panamá
08:00 hs | México DF, Costa Rica, Guatemala

As more companies adopt hybrid IT environments and employ multiple clouds, data transfer between cloud and on-premise platforms has become a critical process. But the growing number of platforms and interfaces with which it operates makes it very complex to maintain data security and prevent operational expenses from increasing.

As a solution to this problem, many companies have implemented MFT or Managed File Transfer tools to securely transfer data to the cloud, automate and audit shipments, and simplify their management.

  • Join us for our next webinar, where we’ll present important things to consider when migrating to the cloud and transferring data securely, including: Why traditional processes and scripts are not practical or secure for cloud integration
  • The challenges of migrating to a pure or hybrid cloud infrastructure
  • The importance of controlling access to data and how it is transferred
  • How to encrypt, audit and automate file transfers between different systems and platforms using an MFT solution

Eduard Seseras
Lead Solutions Engineer, Fortra

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