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How Zermatt uses Salesforce to become the most digital alpine destination

How do you give customers a seamless, luxury experience that starts before they even visit your website?

Travelers booking a luxury trip expect their whole experience to be smooth, intuitive, and tailored to their needs. And that journey starts a long time before they check in to the hotel.

In fact, the process of choosing a destination begins well before the customer even arrives at a resort’s website.

That means today’s luxury resorts need to create the right impression from the first social media scroll – right through to the visitor’s last moments on site.

The renowned Swiss ski destination Zermatt Matterhorn has achieved exactly that. By harmonizing the various parts of the buying journey, the resort has created a rich, coherent customer experience that lets travelers feel the exhilaration of the mountaintop, all the way from their desktop.

In the next few pages, we’ll show you exactly how this works in practice – and how Zermatt uses Salesforce to build anticipation from the first engagement, make\ booking feel natural, and deliver a superior experience in the Alps.

Introducing a glacier paradise

In the shadow of the iconic Matterhorn peak, the alpine resort of Zermatt is world famous for its skiing, hiking, and climbing.

Its 120 hotels and 138 restaurants welcome thousands of visitors from around the globe, who stay for a combined 2.2 million nights each year.

The resort’s official website www.zermatt.ch brings the town’s businesses together, and gives guests a central point to explore and book activities, accommodation, facilities, and meals.

Read this eBook if you want to know how…

  • Luxury ski resort Zermatt Matterhorn took a complex buying experience,
    and made it intuitive
  • Siloed touchpoints came together to make a seamless customer journey
  • Putting customers in control increased engagement and created natural
    up-sell and cross-sell opportunities
  • Focusing on intuitive UX boosted online and offline results
  • Salesforce helps to connect the customer journey from the first moment
    of awareness to the last day of the trip
  • You can apply these lessons to supercharge your own customer experience

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