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Threat hunting is a critical component of MDR, protecting customers from compromise and keeping attacker dwell time to a minimum.

Bitdefender MDR Threat Hunting provides a comprehensive approach to reducing compromise of business systems and attacker dwell-time. Continuous and proactive assessment of risks to your business, combined with a deep understanding of your networks and systems activity, enables us to recognize any abnormalities.


Bitdefender Labs, threat intelligence teams, and security researchers continuously monitor all aspects of the global threat landscape, using the knowledge gained to drive threat hunts across your systems.


Using detailed business and technology profiling, combined with a deep system and user behavior baseline, Bitdefender’s expert Threat Hunters can quickly identify potential risks to your business.


Our team continuously identifies industry trends, system anomalies, and new adversary techniques that inform and drive comprehensive threat hunting in your environment.

With Bitdefender MDR, you can benefit from periodic threat hunting activities targeted at your business systems, as well as risk-based threat hunting triggered by expert analysis of the global threat landscape.

Targeted Threat Hunting

Our threat hunting experts use the latest threat intelligence powered by Bitdefender Labs and a continually updated threat model tailored to your organization to perform periodic threat hunts across your systems.

Risk-based Threat Hunting

Our teams compile a massive amount of organic and systematic threat intelligence, attacker research, and threat analysis that trigger proactive threat hunts in your environment.

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