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by thetechmarketer

It’s all we do. This unique focus brings 250M visitors to Indeed every month2 and helps us deliver more hires than anyone, globally3.

Ten reasons why you should work with us.

Indeed was built on the belief that there’s always a better way to connect the people looking for jobs with the companies that are hiring.

Whether those connections are made virtually or in person, we know great teams can change the world and we’re passionate about helping you build great teams.

01 Innovation is in our DNA

Day in, day out, since our launch in India in 2008, we have worked to improve the hiring experience for job seekers and enterprises alike. So no matter where you are, or how you work, you can find quality talent with precision.

02 Candidates who are ready to interview. And excited to make a change.

Fill open roles faster with responsive candidates who are actively seeking new job opportunities. Starting a meaningful conversation is as easy as sending a message or getting right to a virtual interview on our very own platform .

03 All the right people. With all the right skills.

Not only is our talent pool the largest; it also mirrors the labour force in terms of industries, categories, education and experience. So you can find your next baker or banker.

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