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VxWorks Redefining the Role of the RTOS

by thetechmarketer

The world of embedded systems is undergoing a profound evolution. Once isolated and purpose-built, embedded systems are increasingly software-defined with much greater requirements for connectivity, reliability, and flexibility.

VxWorks® continues to lead this evolution with even greater capability, giving developers the power to be more productive and innovative. VxWorks enables embedded developers to take a modern approach to build next-generation embedded designs without compromising security, safety, reliability, and performance.

The world of embedded systems is undergoing a significant evolution, affecting the role of the real-time operating system (RTOS) and the design of applications that rely on determinism, ultra-reliability, and performance. Once isolated and purposebuilt, embedded systems are rapidly adding new capabilities like greater connectivity, reusability, and flexibility. They’re increasingly software-defined. At the same time, the fundamental requirements of an RTOS have not changed. It still needs to be secure, safe, reliable, and certifiable.

VxWorks, the premier RTOS used to design ultra-reliable and mission-critical embedded systems across multiple industries, continues to lead the way with increased flexibility, performance, and speed of development. With VxWorks, makers of embedded systems can embrace new mainstream methodologies for development, improve hardware optimization, and maximize their investment in existing IP—all without compromising on reliability or performance.

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