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VxWorks Product Overview

by thetechmarketer

The World’s Leading Real-Time Operating System for the Intelligent Edge

The intelligent edge is rapidly transforming the development of software for highly deterministic, secure,
and safe systems. New technologies and modern approaches are taking hold to increase developer productivity while maintaining the rigid requirements of devices and systems that must deliver determinism, high
performance, and ultra-reliability.
VxWorks® is the industry’s most trusted and widely deployed real-time operating system (RTOS) for mission-critical embedded systems that must be secure and safe. It delivers a proven, real-time, and deterministic runtime combined with a modern approach to development. Regardless of industry or device type, companies building intelligent edge systems rely on the VxWorks pedigree of security, safety, high performance,
and reliability.


Confidently deploy embedded and safety-critical applications on a proven software foundation:

VxWorks is the leading real-time operating system for embedded systems at the intelligent edge. For more than 30 years, VxWorks has served as the trusted foundation to power billions of intelligent devices, machines, and systems.
From Mars to Planet Earth, from medical infusion pumps and imaging systems to manufacturing robots and other devices at the intelligent edge, software development teams have repeatedly selected VxWorks as the RTOS for innovative solutions.
Increase developer productivity with a modernized RTOS approach:

VxWorks leads the industry with support for the latest technologies used in the development of software for embedded systems. Developers can achieve greater efficiency using popular programming languages including C++17, Python, and Rust. VxWorks is also the only RTOS supporting IT-like application deployment with OCI container support. This
allows device makers to easily manage and deploy software on VxWorks, leveraging existing cloud infrastructure. Developers also benefit from the continuous feature and performance optimizations being made in VxWorks to support the most advanced processors and SOCs.
Achieve determinism and performance where and when it matters most:

VxWorks delivers the hard real-time, determinism, and performance you need, irrespective of specific industry or application. Award-winning and certified for more than 600 projects, VxWorks is chosen by companies across the globe to design their software with the assurance that their systems can be certified to meet the most stringent industry
safety regulations.

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