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Samba Nova System-Dataflow-as-a-Service

by thetechmarketer

Companies of all sizes can face several seemingly insurmountable obstacles when it comes to putting AI strategies into action. AI and ML talent is expensive and hard to find leaving most organisations with critical skills gaps. Once you manage to procure the talent you need, you’ll need expertise in different computing architectures to make models
performant, meet your SLAs and other requirements. Rounding out the list of common challenges to developing and deploying AI is finding the right solution and keeping it current with constantly changing data.

These are just a few of the barriers standing in the way of achieving next-generation AI. The experts at SambaNova will work with you to overcome your organisations unique challenges.

Introducing Dataflow-as-a-Service

SambaNova now offers its extensible ML services platform for Language, Vision, and Recommendation delivered as a service. Developed to help organisation’s deploy natural language processing, high-resolution computer vision, and recommendation system models, our Dataflow-as-a-Service™ solution accelerates AI workloads. This service provides
organisation’s with comprehensive ML services—empowering you to rapidly deploy customised solutions with total confidence.

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