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Transform Employee Success through Technology

by thetechmarketer

Is your organization looking to improving employee experience? If yes, this seminar will help you discover the top employee experience trends and explore ways in which modern technology can transform employee success.

Frustrated employees are unhappy employees; this upsets productivity and overall workplace morale. While IT & HR employee experiences are different, they share a connection in that they influence an employee’s work efficiency and efficacy for success in their given working environment.

We understand that ineffective and complex IT processes are vexing. Ideally, employees requesting for support from IT services should be a simple process with minimal hassle and maximum assurance.

Likewise, it is essential that HR provides a smooth onboarding experience for new employees. With a good IT Service Management (ITSM) system in place, employees can gain easy access to the right onboarding tools such as application forms, mandatory training courses and more.

Create synergy between IT & HR with the adoption of a reliable ITSM, crafting a total employee’s experience, eliminating unnecessary concerns and building an environment towards employee satisfaction.

Happy employees are productive employees, an essential key to success for your organization.

Transform Employee Success through Technology
Best Practices to enable your IT & HR Excellence
17 March 2023, Friday │ 10 AM – 12 PM

Venue: SIFT Analytics Office

600 North Bridge Road,#12-05, Parkview Square, S188778


10:00 am – Introduction to SIFT & Freshworks

10:15 am – Transforming Employee Success

10:45 am – Coffee Break

11:00 am – A Seamless End-to-End Workplace Experience

11:50 am – Q&A and Closing

12:00 pm – End of Seminar

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