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98% of firms utilizing public cloud embrace multicloud foundation supplier methodology

by thetechmarketer

Multicloud is the new reality in big business innovation as per a review from 451 Exploration, some portion of S&P Worldwide Market Knowledge, charged by Prophet Cloud Foundation.

The review gathered data from 1,500 respondents at ventures – associations with in excess of 1,000 full-time workers in North America or in excess of 500 in different locales – about how they utilize the cloud inside their association and found that pretty much every cloud venture is currently turning into a multicloud venture.

As of late, cloud has become almost inseparable from IT as undertakings look for expanded business readiness and worked on functional effectiveness from the innovation they use. While these patterns have existed for quite a while, in excess of 90% of respondents concurred that the Coronavirus pandemic has been serious areas of strength for an of more prominent premium and interest in cloud innovation. As associations confronted new difficulties, for example, expanded degrees of remote work and cooperation with new colleagues and providers, they embraced a multicloud procedure to acquire the adaptability and versatility they required for this new reality.

Melanie Posey, research chief, cloud and oversaw administrations change at 451 Exploration, said: “The ‘all in one resource’ mindset has passed on with regards to the cloud. All things being equal, multicloud is the truth of big business innovation conditions as these associations look to get the right blend of arrangements and abilities they need to really work.

“Multicloud is staying put, and undertakings are picking this model for the advantages it accommodates a scope of various business and functional prerequisites, similar to business spryness or admittance to best-of-breed innovation.”

Key findings from the study include:

Almost every cloud journey is multicloud

  • 98% of enterprises surveyed are using or plan to use at least two cloud infrastructure providers and 31% are using four or more.
  • 96% reported they are using or plan to use at least two cloud application providers (Software-as-a-Service), with 45% using cloud applications from five or more providers.
  • This multicloud strategy allows IT departments to meet the specific technology needs of different teams across the organisation.

Data sovereignty and cost optimisation are driving demand for multicloud strategies

  • The top two drivers of multicloud strategies in enterprises are data sovereignty (41%) and cost optimisation (40%).
  • Other drivers of multicloud strategies include business agility and innovation (30%), best of breed cloud services and applications (25%) and cloud vendor lock-in concerns (25%).
  • Multicloud strategies give enterprises more control over where and how their data is stored and used, while also ensuring businesses can control the costs of their cloud operations by adjusting which services they use from different providers.

Enterprise organisations are proactively planning multicloud strategies for the future

  • Data redundancy (54%) is the most anticipated future use case, followed by data mobility (49%) and cost optimisation across public clouds (42%).
  • IT departments also plan to use multicloud strategies for risk mitigation for the entire IT environment (40%) and geographic expansion or global service delivery (38%).
  • The fact that IT departments are planning multicloud strategies shows that they see multicloud as a way to get ahead of their technology needs, instead of simply a tactic to react to crises.

Leo Leung, VP, OCI and Oracle Technology, said: “Multicloud is here, whether enterprises are ready for it or not. Business mergers can turn even the most stable of IT strategies into a multicloud environment overnight.

“Whether IT teams are starting their multicloud plans from scratch or already have an implementation in place but want to add best-of-breed cloud services, OCI’s distributed cloud can help. With the recent introduction of MySQL HeatWave on AWS and Oracle Database Service for Microsoft Azure, customers have even more capabilities to help their multicloud strategies succeed.”

The survey data used in this report was collected by 451 Research, part of S&P Global Market Intelligence, and commissioned by Oracle. The global survey was fielded in the third quarter of 2022 and is based on a cross-industry sample of 1,500 enterprise respondents in North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, the Middle East, and Latin America.

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