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Five Tips for Attracting Great Candidates to Your Jobs

by thetechmarketer

Life Decisions Increasingly Begin with Online Search

When it comes to making many of life’s decisions, people increasingly turn to online searches. Whether
thinking about where to spend their vacation, the type of home they’d like to buy, or even the kind of date
they want to go on, people use online searches.

This shift means many of the most popular websites in Singapore are search engines. There are
standard search engines like Google, but there are also a growing number of specialty search engines like
TripAdvisor and Indeed, as well as search-like destinations, such as Flipkart. As online search has grown,
the way we look for information has shifted.

The emerging challenge for employers is to gain visibility and attract great candidates by mastering the
fundamentals of search in their recruitment marketing.

The Evolution of Job Search

In today’s workforce, top talent is actively looking for new opportunities. In fact, 97% of people in India look at job opportunities at least a few times a year, and 88% look at jobs at least monthly.1 With so many people searching online, it’s not surprising there are hundreds of thousands of websites that list jobs.

Despite the growing number of job sites, candidates increasingly want a single search destination and are turning to search engines like Indeed to find the right opportunity. With job search now an online and mobile activity, the smartest employers recognize that making job opportunities discoverable is the difference between a candidate applying for their role or their competitor’s role.

Understanding how to optimize jobs for today’s candidates is now an essential skill for talent acquisition
professionals. Here are five tips to help you succeed with your search.

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